About R.E.J.J. Arts: Welcome to my website! My name is Reagan Jackson.

R.E.J.J. Arts is the epicenter of my creative storm. Multiplicity is a reoccurring theme in my life and my work. My multiple identities influence and inform my passions and interest. In addition to being a spiritual, black, feminist, woman, I am a writer, artist, traveler, teacher, and activist.

Rather than attempt to silo my worlds I embrace and create points of connection. I write poetry about my activism. I paint pictures about my spiritual practice. I meditate to art and in general try to live an integrated, enriching life. I will never be just one thing or be confined to one modality of self-expression. R.E.J.J. Arts is a glimpse into the evolution of my creative life.

ReaganAbout Me: I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, but Seattle is my home and the base of my many travels. When I was a kid and contemplating being a writer, a friend told me that in order to be a good writer I should have something to write about. That sparked a passion for travel and adventures, one that became a part of my career path. I had aspirations of becoming a travel writer, but instead became a high school study abroad program administrator. During my last set of trips abroad I taught a poetry workshop that resulted in GV The Poetry, a self-published anthology of youth reflections on life, identity, social justice, and Guatemala. My next adventure included a stint as a community organizer for the Making Change at Walmart Coalition.

Most recently I’ve returned to writing and to art. I’ve self-published three collections of poetry God, Hair, Love, and America,  Love and Guatemala, and Summoning Unicorns and two children’s book Coco LaSwish A Fish From A Different Rainbow and Coco LaSwish: When Rainbows Go Blue. I am also a regular contributor to the Seattle Globalist and the Black Girl Nerds Blog.


My next big adventure is getting back into study abroad. Please take a moment to check out my Big Idea and support as you are able. Thanks!