Love and Guatemala

Love and Guatemala

Love (v/n) [ luv ]

1.The source of all good and creation. 2. To feel tender affection for someone or something: a friend, family member, stranger, pet, place, object. 3. A romantic longing, a sexual desire. 4. Something both omnipresent and yet continuously elusive. 5. The reason I stayed with him. 6. The reason I had to leave. 7.The crushing vice grip on my heart. 8. The restorative elixir that makes me whole: soul regenerator. 9. What made me write these poems…

Gua•te•ma•la [gwä t -mä l ]

1. A country in northern Central America. The site of a Mayan civilization dating back to 1500. Population: 12,700,000. 2. The remaining lands and people, survivors of the 36 year civil war that the U.S. armed and funded. 3. Home to coffee, turtles, backpackers, quetzales, street dogs, marimba, bright colored fabrics. 4. Where my other family lives. 5. The catalyst for a deeper understanding of myself and my citizenship.

Love and Guatemala is a collection of poetry and one story exploring the themes of love, heartbreak, loss, grace, forgiveness, citizenship, privilege, and transformation as experienced by Reagan E. J. Jackson.